More than 90 police officers were trained in Italy during the three PROTASIS training cycles organized by the Italian project partners, EUROCRIME Srl. and SIPL – Interregional School for Local Police.

The first training session in Riccione was attended by 27 officers from 9 different Local Police Headquarters and 1 State Police Headquarter took part in the training seminars held on September 22, September 24, October 6, and October 13, 2017.

The second cycle took place in Modena on the October 20, October 27, and November 3, 2017 with 27 participants representing 11 different Local Police Headquarters.


In the third session in Lucca 40 participants from 12 different Local Police Headquarters were trained on the 17th and 24th of November and the final seminar is taking place on December 1st, 2017 with the participation of organizations and local associations providing support services to victims of crime and violence.

During the Skills’ Oriented Workshop held in Modena, facilitated by Dr. Bagnara, the parents of a victim of crime shared a story of their experience with the criminal justice system:

Their daughter, Giulia Galiotto, was brutally killed by her husband in 2009 in the city of Sassuolo, in the Province of Modena, and the family suffered for her death twice. Her mother, Giovanna Ferrari, reported that the family was treated rather poorly by the criminal justice system and during the legal proceedings the relatives were humiliated and denigrated, eventually making the family suffer more than the killing of Giulia itself. The trial was used to put the family under prosecution rather than to condemn the committed crime. Giovanna Ferrari wrote a book reporting her negative experience, entitled “Per non dargliela vinta”, thanks to which the police officers realized the implications of the status of victim, understanding the importance of giving concrete answers to victims and their relatives in order to prevent the phenomenon of secondary victimization.

All three training sessions were rather well received with positive remarks and feedback by all the involved participants and local actors.

Notably, following the successful implementation of the PROTASIS training, the Local Police Headquarters that participated in the training held in Modena are organizing meetings involving social services, policy makers and citizens in an effort to open the discussion on the importance of establishing appropriate support services and providing adequate answers to victims of crime living in the territory.