EU citizens recognise domestic violence but most don’t speak about it

According to Eurobarometer’s special report on gender-based violence (November 2016), 74% of the citizens that responded to the survey think that domestic violence is common. Yet, 26% hesitate to speak about cases of domestic violence because they believe that is “none of their business”. Check out some revealing facts and figures below: Original source: #SayNoStopVAW campaign

New Guidelines for Hospital Treatment of Women Victims of Violence published on the Italian Official Journal

[English version below] In Gazzetta Ufficiale le nuove Linee Guida Ospedaliere per le Donne Vittime di Violenza Sono state pubblicate sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale del 30 gennaio 2018 le “Linee Guida Nazionali di Indirizzo e Orientamento per le Aziende Sanitare e le Aziende Ospedaliere in tema di soccorso e di assistenza socio-sanitaria alle donne vittime di…